Friday, August 26, 2005

Okay, one more mention...

When did Real Detroit get their website back up?

Thanks to Amy for the very nice mention! [scroll down]

"Ah, amore. From love such beautiful things are created. Presenting Dethlab, the hot new collaboration of creative masterminds Bethany Shorb (Toybreaker/God and His Bitches) and Michael Doyle (Dorkwave/Burnlab). The team plays really good records really badly... and looks good doing it. The two fiends of fancy chocolates and human flesh bring the latest creative offspring Sex and Sedition to Oslo the last Friday of every other month. It kicks off this week with Keith Kemp and Kelly Pink-O joining the mischief on the menu: sleazy electro, post-punk, gnarz-laden techno, theatrics and trainwrecks. Do the math, kiddies... that means there’s a Halloween party in the works. Expect quite the affair from the team that reveres blood as a fashion statement."

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