Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hometown Heads-up!

Design Fest 05
Toronto New Media Festival
October 8, 2005


DesignFest '05 Speakers"

Alexandru Costin
"Building Usable Intranets"

Brandon Flowers
"Japanese Girls on Casual Gaming"

Gustavo Machado
"Job Seeking Resources For New Media Professionals"

Jason Chesebrough
"Workflow & Integration in Studio MX 2004"

Jim Babbage
"Creative Masking in Fireworks"

Joseph Lowery
"The Money Train: All Aboard for eCommerce"

Joyce Evans
"Roundtripping with Fireworks, Dreamweaver & Flash"

Julian Dolce
"Extending The IDE"

Kevin Airgid
"Web Designers Success Guide"

LordAlex Leon
"Best Practices with Macromedia Flex 1.5"

Martin Arvisais
"Best Practices with Macromedia Flex 1.5"

Phillip Kerman
"Flash Video: The Whole Story"

Tara Cleveland
"Using Web Standards with Macromedia Contribute"

Tom Green
"Topic TBA"

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