Saturday, August 27, 2005

probably old news to detroiters, but i recently saw THE ISLAND with ewan mcgregor and scarlette johansson, shot partially in detroit and featuring such ccs photography department favorite locations as the old train station, the theater/car park (also seen in "8 mile"), and I-75 around the rouge plants. oh, the nostalgia of it all....

and speaking about hotties named scarlette, i hate to be such a loser as to mention this but i just met probably the hottest dj i have ever seen last week in barcelona SCARLETT ETTIENE. shes based in nyc, supposedly good, and, well, hot. painfully hot. (curses to my friend debbie for being with her and introducing me to her)

while blabbling ive been listening to the latest COMMON. not as experimental/interesting as his last but a nice return to soul/hip-hop/r&b which he does better. and shit, i just checked his website and hes got an amazing show coming up for los angeles residents:

Los Angeles, CA / Wiltern Theater
Spin Off Grand Finals w/ Talib Kweli, Madlib & DIPLO

damn.....someone please go if you live there and tell me how it was. what a meeting of some of the best of the best...

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