Wednesday, August 10, 2005

just rereading what is now officially one of my favorite books, MONEY by martin amis. his 80´s social commentary fits beautifully between the 70´s commentary of john updike and the 90´s commentary of chuck palahniuk. one line i´ve just read, speaking about problems in modern cities: "I came of age in the 60´s, when there were chances, when it was all there waiting. Now they seep out of school - to what? To nothing, to fuck-all. The young () - they´ve come up with an appropriate response to this, which is: nothing. Which is nothing, which is fuck-all. The dole-queue starts at the exit to the playground."

(p.s: for a reason which i cannot figure out, all of my apostrophies come out weird due to, i guess, my spanish keyboard.. doh!)

sarah, your chickens scare me.

mike, terrorism does not suit you :)

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