Monday, February 05, 2007

I have a glass of wine, an hour or so to kill, and it's two degrees F outside, which means... Monday Night Videos!

This week [I guess this is a weekly program now, though the particular day of the week is at whim] is focused on female-fronted postpunk bands. So curl up with your sweetie/cat/favorite beverage, etc. and enjoy...

Black parasol + combat boots + that voice = melt...

Cold clear water. (1982)

My body is a weapon. (2001)

When you think your toys have gone beserk, it's an illusion.

I'm pretty sure I was born ten years too late.

Tell me that you adore me.


Is there anyone (male or female) out there not thinking they wish they were Budgie sometimes?

Next to Toybreaker, I think Amada Palmer is one of the artists most qualified to speak for Generation X: Eisbear - live!

Kill Your Idols trailer + Blixa adverts for German home improvement store Hornbach (yes, we posted these on Burnlab years ago, but they're still awesome) 1, 2, 3.

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