Friday, February 16, 2007

NIN update: the single "Survivalism" and the previously leaked planted "My Violent Heart" have been uploaded to the official Nine inch Nails MySpace page.

This new record has me in such a nostalgic state, Friday Night Videos is all about The Golden Age: when real men were angry waifs in eyeliner and leather pants.

All the pigs are all lined up.

1990 French TV interview.

Sin live in 1989.

Dance Party USA in '89 + covering Sex Dwarf in '94.


Modern technology has changed the way we all work and play.

Bonus: When I was a sophomore at the Center For Creative Studies I saw a rough VHS dub of the short film for Broken a friend had borrowed from a professional dominatrix. The tape was rare almost to the point of mythology among NIN fans back in '92. Bootlegs had circulated in the S&M community, but Trent said he would never release the film because it wasn't what he wanted to remembered by, and felt it was so controversial that it would become his legacy. The film was made shortly after the Jeffrey Dahmer trial and about the same time Madonna's book Sex and Erotica LP were released (which look overly pasturized in comparison.) Thanks to the wonder of YouTube, now you can be just as scarred. (For some reason the clip for "Help Me I am in Hell" is missing from the above video. Here it is.)

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