Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lots of art this past weekend. Friday was the opening of Shrinking Cities, split between Cranbrook and MOCAD. The two venues complimented each other wonderfully, and I think it's essential to visit both the same day to get the full experience. An extra treat up at Cranbrook is an unrelated exhibit of Gord Peteran's "furnitural" sculptures, which combine found objects, high craftsmanship and good dose of wit.

Make sure to come back to MOCAD this Friday, Feb. 9th for live performances by Ectomorph and Viki, and DJ Christopher Fachini with his Rock Box Sound System. Check the mega list for all Shrinking Cities related events. Exhibitions at both museums run through April 1st.

Saturday afternoon Bethany and I took Eames Demetrios on a tour of some of Detroit's most unusual sites. Mr. Demetrios was in town for the opening of The Eames Lounge Chair exhibit at The Henry Ford Museum and wanted to scout potential Kymaerica landmarks. [Kymaerica is difficult to explain, but is essentially a parallel reality - a different way to look at the world around us. Through installations, historical markers, trading cards and other media, Kymaerica will unfold over time as a broad, non-linear narrative - an elaborate art installation and a modern mythology of sorts.] We managed to pick the coldest day of the year to drive around Delray, Zug Island, the Michigan Central Station and the Heidleberg Project, but we love playing tour guide and had quite a blast... despite the frost bite. Photos can be found here and here. Unfortunately there wasn't enough time to hit everything on the list, but Hamtramck Disneyland, Object Orange and the Packard Plant should still be here next time.

p.s. We've had a very positive respone to last week's Friday Night Videos and promise more next time I have a free night.

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