Thursday, February 08, 2007

WK hit by Splasher

Street art is ephemeral by its very nature, but when high quality work which has become a community treasure is vandalized/added to (depending on your point of view) by work which can only be equated to an attention starved monkey flinging poo, it's really... Visual Resistance sums up my feelings about "The Splasher" here.


Sigh. This in itself is a mini-treasure: photo essay of WK Interact creating the murals on Ludlow street in 2002. (The panel on the right may look familiar.)

The Splasher really stepped over the line by invoking Dada, and indirectly Fluxus in his manifesto. Throwing paint and calling people "bourgeois?" What are you, twelve years old and just picked up your first art history book?

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