Friday, February 16, 2007

Last minute Detroit event plugs:

Electro-industrial protoge Softcore is performing tonight at The Labyrinth with Monsieur Jimmy Edgar (and there's a fashion show too!) Get your synth on.

Also tonight, our good friends The Nice Device are playing at The Lager House. Check the very nice poster.

Tonight and tomorrow, the saucy Rock Hudson/Dorris Day classic Pillow Talk is playing at the Historic Redford Theater. We'll be at tomorrow night's screening, then heading out to A2 for The Bang. Since Dorkwave is almost always on the same night, I've never had the chance to experience Jeremy Wheeler's mixtape dance rumble. Should be a hoot.

Speaking of my former dance disaster deejay squad, the latest incarnation of Dorkwave is holding it down at Corktown Tavern tomorrow night with very special guest DJ Juan Maclean.

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