Monday, February 19, 2007

This Saturday night our friend Lauren Hill is hosting a little dance party/birthday celebration for Ayron Nelson and our very own Ms. Toybreaker at the Elks Lodge in Ann Arbor. We're told the space is right out of the 1960s, with all the charms of a secret society rec room - including a mirrored ceiling. How could we turn that down? We'll be playing records along with Stallone (a.k.a. Samion Consiglio) and BMG of Ectomorph. Fun and weirdness guaranteed, everyone is invited and it's free! Map here.

p.s. for all our Detroit area friends: we know you have people you can crash with in Ann Arbor, and it's not that much of a drive to be there for Bethany's birthday. Besides... what could possibly be better than dancing to Sam and Brendan at an Elk's Lodge?

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