Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Close Siren

Bethany and I had the pleasure of performing with Travelogue for the second time in six months this past Saturday night in Cleveland. Aside from being incredibly cool and [good] weird in every way, Jon and Mandi make some of our favorite music. They usually close their set with the single Close Siren from 2003's Winter EP. I did shoot video of it on Saturday [which you can find in the post below] but I was standing entirely too close to the speakers and the sound clips rather badly. Among synth-pop classics, Close Siren is up there with the best of Ultravox and Berlin. Seriously. To make up for my sloppy videography, here is a version that does their performance justice:

Travelogue - Close Siren live [2004]

(Once again, big thanks to Jason Solvent for making the conncetion.)

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