Friday, February 15, 2008

"You Are the Worst Thing in the World"

The brand new Telefon Tel Aviv single You Are the Worst Thing in the World is now up on Pitchfork for your streaming pleasure. I think this is already my favorite song of '08. The surprisingly pronounced arpeggiation, bass guitar and electrically charged cemetary haze atmosphere recalls some of the best late '80s dark wave, but mixed with dozens of other influences and all grown up with Joshua and Charlie's inticately layered production.

Josh points out that Pitchfork's description is off: "It's definitely not 'soul' or 'laptop soul' or whatever - surely wasn't made on a laptop. And that picture is 4 years dated. Oh well! At least it's up there and you can hear it, although it's probably a few months early...."

I don't think I can wait a few months for the real thing. Sinlge now. I haven't been this tempted to break out the goth dancing at my desk in long time.

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