Saturday, February 09, 2008

Mazda Furai on the track

I meant to post this with my auto show coverage, but got distracted.
Better late than never, here you are:

This "concept car" is a fully capable American Le Mans spec race car with a three rotor rotary engine. (As beautiful as the body is, one could cargasm just by listening to this clip.) The raw B roll footage above is 10x better than the finished video you might see elsewhere. I like how they need to use a 911 Turbo as a camera car... which still doesn't do a very good job keeping up.

Speaking of race cars, have you seen the GT2 class BMW M3 unveiled in Chicago this week? Are all the best car designers in the world exclusively doing American Le Mans series cars now? I remember not so long ago that race cars were studies in pure engineering. Lately it seems racing is leading in styling as well. I'm not complaining, as long as road cars get some trickle-down effect.

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