Thursday, July 31, 2008


I'm in Montecito, CA [home of Jonathan Winters] this week for work, so apologies for the lack of blog news.

I did forget to post about our excellent finds at the world's second largest garage sale in Royal Oak, MI last week: Ms. Toybreaker scored a beautiful taxidermized mountain goat head named Fred and a very nice equestrian helmet [which will go well with our fencing mask over the mantle as another reminder of things we should learn how to do,] and I landed the 101 year old Hamilton railroad grade pocket watch below. [The second part I'm presuming, but it sounds good.]

1907 Hamilton front

I also just learned the HTML for block quotes this week [yeah... shush,] which we'll be putting to use very soon to replace my haphazard use of italics and quotes.

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