Thursday, July 24, 2008

Travelogue Analogue

Jon Sonnenberg has recently released Acoustic Selections, an album consisting of acoustic arrangements of fifteen songs from his electronic-oriented projects Travelogue, House of Wires, and Pivot Clowj. This is far more than a "best of" or "unplugged" album. Playing more than 27 instruments himself - many hand-built, Sonnenberg's intricate melodies take on a whole new life. The familiar vintage synths give way for strings and odd percussives which have a music box quality at times.

Mr. Toad says, "It’s an odd little album, this. Part Baroque pop, part twee indie, part experimental, slightly orchestral pop music... when the harmonies kick in, when the melodies click, when it all makes sense, then this as good a record as I’ve heard in ages. It can be all the Summery pop that every Swedish band in the world seems to wish it might be."

Acoustic Selections is now available through Amazon, iTunes and Old Man Records.

Sonnenberg demonstrating the Daxophone

Travelogue - Reflections [2006]*

*[If you think this is steampunk bliss, you should see Jon and Mandi's house!]

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