Friday, July 11, 2008

The pigs, they are flying


"International superstar DJ" Sasha is remixing four of my favorite songs: Telefon Tel Aviv's You Are the Worst Thing in the World, M83's Couleurs, Apparat's Arcadia and Ladytron's goth club standard Destroy Everything You Touch.

Ugh. If anyone knows Sasha's IP address let me know so that I can block him from reading Burnlab and maybe slow him down from getting his Cheetos covered paws all over the music we love.

[To give the guy credit, he's showing some darn good taste with this project, and at least I've never seen him strike a pose like like this douchebag. Sasha's just a whore with a keen sense for trends. Maybe the cover art will be Steampunk influneced... though that was so 2007.]

1 comment:

toybreaker said...

Bloody hell. Couleurs would be an amazing processional too.