Monday, July 21, 2008

Sa Sevol - The Sea of Showers

We have a stack of great new muisc backed up in the queue to write about. This one gets top priority not only because it's fantastically beautiful, but because I've shamefully been sleeping on it for six months now.

The songs comprising The Sea Of Showers were recorded over the course of two years in various countries around the world, each inspired by a specific tree in its homeland; the towering plants leading the author to paens of love, hate, balance & injustice. Sa Sevol & his/her friends all took their muddled & tenuous emotions to the recording studio to carve a journal of their confused daily observations. In all, roughly forty songs were assembled in an attempt to make sense of the overall message laying somewhere amidst the rubble & scattered debris painted across the sky. From this body of work, eleven were picked with the clearest indicator of an answer &, therefore, a meaningful & concise solution.

This collection of songs is now offered to you, free of charge, to accompany you through your dreams, both waking & sleeping, to the forest beyond the forest.

Romantic Air Recordings
an interview

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