Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Mythology of the Future

[This one is dedicated to Mr. Valenti, Mr. Black, Ms. Toybreaker and Mr. Killing]

J. G. Ballard on the South Bank Show - part 2 of 3, discussing surrealism, sensationalism, ecological apocalypse, mindscapes, "The Atrocity Exhibition" and "Crash"
Also: part 1 | part 3

addendum: Man, this one is even better...

a 1971 film by Harley Cokliss, starring J.G. Ballard & Gabrielle Drake
More info about this film here.

Crash has been forefront in the collective discourse all week around here and we re-watched the Cronenberg adaptation over the weekend as sort of a homework project. More related links to come.


stormy (kenny) said...

Very interesting. This is going to affect my reading habits in the next week.

stormy (kenny) said...

I wonder if QT was influenced at all by Crash. The sadistic sexual and murderous vibe in Death Proof reminds me of what I have read so far about Crash. It is on the way from my Netflix account and I will be viewing it (Crash) this weekend.