Friday, September 12, 2008

The Charlie Gibson Interview

Sarah Palin gave her first interview since being selected as the Republican VP candidate last night on ABC. Gibson's questions were refreshingly concise. Palin's responses speak for themselves.

A couple items Palin should have maybe brushed up on before the interview:

Russia "unprovoked" by Georgia in South Ossetia... [Really?? Well, I guess no more provoked than the US was by Iraq rolling into Kuwait in 1990, or NATO was provoked to defend Kosovar Albanians from genocide.]

Bush Doctrine... "in what respect, Charlie?" [Oh, just that little document which outlines all foreign policy and national security policies for the current administration. The governor might want to read it. It's on the White House website.]


jimbotr0n said...

I forced myself to watch this (the burnlab stamp of approval overrode my disdain of all lipstick, sorry, election coverage). I think Mrs. Palin has a bit more policy homework to do. It was very nice of Charlie to explain to her what the Bush Doctrine is. You'd think she might have at least heard of it before.

And I have to say, it was damn refreshing to see a reporter ask a question again (and again and again, in this case) when an interviewee tries to get out of answering it with a blizzard of words. I really hope that others in the media take note and levy this kind of persistence against all candidates in this election cycle.

BitBoy said...

A little remix that brings the point home nicely:

stormy said...

Well she seems to have the number one qualification to be President of the United States. She's a bullshitter.

I get it now. McCain is the sacrifice. Palin will be the figurehead. America's soccer mom book burning neocon-fascist darling. Shudder to think who would be her Grima Wormtongue vice president. Maybe they already have McCain's death planned in case "natural causes" takes too long to take effect.

I have been saying "Screw voting" for a while now. Maybe my misanthropic lack of faith in Democracy is a bit pre-mature. Maybe I will change my mind, go out and vote for Obama, and be 3 gazillian times more pissed off should McPalin win anyway.

Moving to Canada is no longer an escape plan you know. I guess I should get out to the garage and start working on that spaceship now; while there is still time.