Thursday, September 18, 2008

This Weekend in Noise

Seems like a very busy weekend in Baltimore.

The annual noise/experimental/improv High Zero Festival turns 10.
Here is an excerpt from their site:

What is High Zero?

High Zero is the premier festival of Improvised, Experimental music on the East Coast, being fully devoted to new collaborations between the most inspired improvisors from around the world.

Lasting two weeks in total, the festival brings together 28 core musicians each year, but also involves a much larger subculture of musicians in Baltimore and on the East Coast. Unlike many related festivals, High Zero is not narrow in terms of sensibility or subculture, but rather widely inclusive of all the different types of experimental music-making in the moment. The fact that half of the festival's core participants are from Baltimore speaks to the depth of Baltimore's experimental music subculture, which in recent years has grown to be one of the richest cities in the country for experimental art.

Here is a short rundown of people playing this year's festival:

10th Anniversary Artists:
Olga Adorno (Nice, France): spontaneous performance
Tony Conrad (Buffalo, NY): violins
Dan Conrad (Baltimore): inventions, voice, light
Peter Rose (Philadelphia): film
Jenny Graf Sheppard (Baltimore): inventions, ideas

From Baltimore:
Susan Alcorn: pedal steel guitar
John Berndt: electronics, reeds, inventions
M.C. Schmidt: electronics

High Zero runs until the 21st.

Speaking of anniversaries or birthdays (I prefer birthdays personally. You didn't marry the event you gave birth to it.)

MORE OR LESS is turning 1!

It's been one year since our first since our first party under the MOL moniker was held.
We plan on staying around for awhile and have even been getting some good press! (even one of my posters from March one a Best of Baltimore award, I liked the Tom Cruise Scientology poster much better though and it can still be spotted because I used a shit ton of wall paper paste)

w/ Ben Parris | foundsound | Baltimore

Ben Parris lives in Baltimore, Maryland USA and makes music for Foundsound records. He believes that in his past life he hunted smurfs in the forests of Arcadia, but he can’t be certain. Since 2000, Parris has performed across North America and limited parts of Europe, quite often gaining a notorious reputation for his so-called “unstoppable party antics”.

In so doing, he has established himself as a key enthusiast and purveyor of experimental electronic dance music, both through his skilled performances as a DJ and as chief curator and director of the once.twice:festival, an annual Baltimore event that has showcased techno luminaries such as Akufen, Smith-n-Hack, Kit Clayton, Matthew Dear, Crackhaus, Someone Else, and Dimbiman, among many others…

After the 2004 festival, Parris decided to focus on his own production and DJ career, temporarily relocating to an isolated locale in the mountains of western North Carolina, working by day on a trout farm and by night honing his production abilities. The result was his first EP for Foundsound records, “Double Wimpfighter”, released with great success in October 2005 and featuring a remix by Magda (m_nus).

He continues to work on new material for Foundsound as well as the up-and-coming label Esperanza records, based in Madrid, Spain. His DJ sets include the use of Serato scratch technology, allowing Parris to take advantage of his close connection to many producers across the globe by featuring unreleased material and personalized re-edits during his performance.

DJ Kel | Balto/Philly

Borne out of the depths of suburban Philadelphia, now living in Baltimore, DJ Kel brings a skillful blend from multiple years and flavors of electronic music. His tastes for house, techno, ambient and IDM have been helped by years of on-air and back-office work in free-format radio. First DJ'ing in 1998, Kel made his debut on WPRB (Princeton Univ.) in 1999. Throughout his five years of college, Kel programmed over 300 shows on WKDU (Drexel Univ.) while accepting offers to spin in Philly's various clubs, bars, diners, lounges, warehouses, garages, living rooms, bedrooms, billiard rooms and cloakrooms. In the past few years, Kel's repertoire has grown to include ambient music from the 70's to the present day.

After a handful of guest sets on the long-running "Star's End" ambient radio program on WXPN, Kel programmed and mixed an entire five-hour show in August 2007. Nowadays one can expect to hear trippy and dubby ambient interludes laced in his sets, along with deep house, IDM, and jackin' techno, making a thoughtful mix of records selected with an ear for richness and melody.
Affiliations: The Nod, Star's End, and Bmore-Electro
(tag-team set with Ilya)

Located at the Hexagon
1825 N. Charles
Baltimore, MD 21201

No Age, BYO, $5

So yeah, it goes past 2AM (big deal in baltimore where bars kick you out at 1:45 and the afterhours scene is shit, IMO, I mean if you like dudes slangin pills all night by the bathroom and love hard house and progressive then I guess it's not too bad.) Did I mention there is a taco bar? Tacos, byob, $5, and lots of techno and house music til the wee hours. What else do you need?

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