Saturday, September 06, 2008

Greater Than One

Our friends at Robotsound reflect on electronic music innovators Greater Than One.

Founded in 1985 by Michael Wells and Lee Newman after meeting at the Royal College of Art in London, Greater Than One started out as experimental artists, putting on multi-media art installations while dabbling in mutated cut-ups of found sounds and samples layered into Dadaist, soundtrack-like collages. Towards the end of the 80s the duo moved on into Industrial Dance before evolving into Techno and Gabber innovators in the early 90s. Operating as sonic terrorists, the duo released a slew of records under the names Tricky Disco [and a half dozen more...]

Here are a couple blasts from the past:

Greater Than One - I Don't Need God [1989, Wax Trax!]

Tricky Disco - Tricky Disco [1990, Warp]

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Marc Church said...

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