Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lawmakers’ Constituents Make Their Bailout Views Loud and Clear -

Lawmakers’ Constituents Make Their Bailout Views Loud and Clear -

This bailout is the final straw for our economy. If this happens we are really giving, not buying, but giving away 700 billion dollars one of the richest industry in American history, the banks. Can't we at least loan this money and charge interest? Doesn't the average American owe them around $8,500 in credit card debt? If we are each giving the same companies $2300, (on the low side of the calculation) can we get a credit for that?

Or how about a bailout for the American people.... One where we forgive credit card debt and allow the people of the country to start over? I mean as long as we are are talking ideas straight out of socialism and communism (state funded/owned markets), can't we get a basic perk?

I think that the Daily Show put it best when they said Bush was no longer trying to be the worst American president, but perhaps, the last.

Sign to stop the bail out here.

On a final note, where is this money coming from? Are we, the American people, going to borrow it at interest to turn around and give it to the banks for free? Isn't borrowing what we can't afford what got us into this mess? Or are they just going to print it? I mean what the hell is this mess?

Does anyone else here feel like we are being hijacked here? How does ultimately going further in debt help anyone around here? Is this the band aid for the Titanic's hull? Anytime Bush rushes something through this fast, you know something is very wrong.... 

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Michael Doyle said...


I propose a force restart: every American's individual debt is wiped off the books and nobody is ever allowed to borrow money again. Ever.

The banking industry is an elaborate game of fantasy football we can do just fine without.

stormy said...

I see that proposal and I raise you:

All those assholes on Wall Street need to be evicted from their homes, their assets seized, and forced to start at square one just like all the people they screwed over.

Bush's last act as lamo ducky prez makes Oceans 11 look like a pick pocket. We are not just getting screwed, we are getting proper fucked. What a criminal.

I picked a fine month to quit smoking. While they are forgiving everyone's debt, they need to make cigs 50 cents a pack again.