Tuesday, September 23, 2008

LA recap

Ms. Toybreaker and I are back from LA. We didn't have time to see half the people we wanted to, but we did have a great time hanging out with dear old friends and meeting new ones.

Saturday we met up with Nadya and Mildred of Coilhouse at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to see Ridley Scott's Alien - projected on the side of a mosoleum in surround sound. Fantastic! [By the way, Coilhouse Magazine should be in Borders and Barnes & Noble next week. Issue #1 is killer.]

After some sake at the Coilhouse penthouse, we sort of crashed the birthday party of one of my all time design heroes [thanks to Bill Morrison and Nix,] Steven R Gilmore. It was honestly sort of a religious experience at first going Steven's house, but the party was really modest and comfortable. The entire extended Skinny Puppy family is just awesome. SRG himself reminds me so much of Brian Kritzman it's freaky. They're like doppelgangers in almost every way. [I was actually very intimidated the first time I met Brian Kritzman, but now we're best friends.]

My fiance and my new friend Bill didn't burn down Steven's garage breathing fire over the tiki torches on the back patio. This is good.

Sunday morning we spent a lot of time and money we didn't have to spare at Fred Segal and at A+R [both of whom cary Cyberoptix neck ties.] Well worth it though. I wish we had stores that cool in Detroit. Hell, New York wishes it had stores that cool.

Sunday night was Josh Glazer and Doris Payers' wedding - possibly the coolest I've been to. Bethany and I will be stealing an idea or two for our own next year.

After the wedding, Jon O, Mark and Carissa were kind enough to open their swank beach house to everyone for an after-party, which devolved into shenanigans on Venice Beach at o-dark late hour.

Bethany and I stayed at the Custom Hotel, which we can not recommend enough. It's half the price of The Standard, and just as cool - possibly cooler due to its lack of pretense and proximity to Culver City and Santa Monica. Deal of the century at $90 a night. Similar vibe, but better than The Hudson in New York.

Like the jackass I am, I didn't bring my camera, but we're sure incriminating photos will emerge on Flickr.

Here's a photo by Petey of most of the gang in the ocean around 4AM Monday morning:

[Atomly is actually that big.]

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Riot Nrrrd™ said...

Hi Mike,

It was great meeting you and Bethany at the wedding, which was certainly ... interesting :)

I still haven't placed the "Where have I seen Mike before" reference (DJ'ing is my best bet so far) but I came here because I did finally make the "Michael Doyle == Mike Burnlab" connection (I've stopped by here before, back when it seemed like you and Josh did most of the postings).

Wish I could've joined you guys out in Venice but after having too much to drink and earlier on having been out in the Sun for 3 hours at a car show, I was too burned out - plus, unlike you lucky Detroit/New York guests I had to be at work the next morning! (Damn those Sunday weddings)

If you guys get out here again please drop me a line (on Facebook) and I'll do the same next time I get to tha D (certainly for the festival next year, at a minimum).