Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We have or will be at a wedding every weekend this month. Next on the agenda is Mr. Josh Glazer and the soon to be Mrs. Doris Glazer. Not only are we extremely happy for Josh and Doris [yay!] we're very happy to be visiting LA on a not strictly work related trip. Ms. Toybreaker and I arrive in the city of angels Saturday afternoon and depart Monday afternoon. Aside from the wedding on Sunday of course, and meeting up with our friends at Coilhouse Saturday, we're pretty open and would love to see all of our much neglected LA friends. [Attn: Chad Clark, Dave Lentz, Paul Petrunia, etc... you know how to reach me!]

Since most of our activities revolve around the Culver City/West Side region, we'll be trying out the Custom Hotel. Tablet Hotels says it's quite good, and absurdly inexpensive. Who are we to argue? [Expect a review.]


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Tenzin said...

Oi Mr Doyle!
By chance you cats going to stick around for the 9th? Me and the Dame will be at her art opening in Dtown LA.

Opening Reception Thursday, October 9, 6-9 pm