Monday, October 13, 2008

DETHLAB Radio Caroline: Minimal Wave

Dethlab Radio Caroline blog header

This past Saturday Ms. Toybreaker and I took part in the Gregory Green art installation Radio Caroline by guest hosting a pirate radio program. We will be posting segments from the broadcast here over the next several weeks.

The first segment to be uploaded is an an interview with East Village Radio and Minimal Wave founder Veronica Vasicka.

Minimal Wave: Veronica Vasicka

Ckick here to listen to this segment.

supporting track list:
1. Das Kabinette - The Cabinet
2. Oppenheimer Analysis - Devil's Dancers
3. Absolute Body Control - Automatic
4. Martin Dupont - Just Because
5. Medio Mutante - Insetable
6. 2VM - Unscathed
7. Futurisk - Meteoright

Thanks again to Ben H. for inviting us to take part in this program!

1 comment: said...

whoa! that setup looks a lot like IPM's old Studio 4 back in Haslett! *nostalgia*