Thursday, October 02, 2008

Doyle's VP Debate Recap [You've been warned.]

Joe Biden has fast become my favorite personality in this whole election. Palin didn't fall on her face - mission accomplished, I suppose - because she successfully stuck to the script and refused to answer the questions. [Smartest thing she could have done.] Biden was also well coached and uncharacteristically restrained... for the most part. He did exactly what he needed to do by being concise and surgical in his responses, offering extremely specific examples which defused every one of Palin's talking points.

Biden was the wise and accomplished liberal statesman he is - somehow still full of more fervency and passion for his beliefs than most freshmen after all these years in the Senate. I'm now convinced Joe Biden is a Jedi. He's Obi-Wan to Obama's C-3PO.

The two times Biden did show us his personal side were the most notable points of the debate: first, having difficulty holding back tears while talking about the deaths of his wife and daughter, and later calling Palin out for her repeated [I counted six] uses of the word "maverick". I didn't see either of those coming. Palin's complete lack of response to Biden's personal story of loss was the low point of the night - in a way that made me feel sick to my stomach.

Palin treated the debate as a scripted stump speech, broken up by questions irrelevant to what she wanted to talk about. It's dumbfounding that pundits are even arguing over who won. It's absurd to think that someone like Sarah Palin should ever have the privilege to share a stage with someone like Joe Biden, who's worked harder for women's issues and civil rights than almost any lawmaker in American history. As my fiance would say [and I'm paraphrasing a third wave feminist who could kick my ass in 4" heels,] "does she enjoy lower expectations simply because she has a twat? Unacceptable! She should be held to the exact same standards as any man. Any other standard is insulting to women everywhere."

I felt like it was just getting good in the last ten minutes - when both had run out of campaign rhetoric and were forced to get real. All in all, this was the most interesting debate I can recall. Can we suspend the next two presidential debates and have two more VP debates? McCain and Obama are so insufferably BORING. The bigger question is, is it too late to switch the tickets around?

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