Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Saw The Light

The The - I Saw The Light [1995]

This is one of my favorite music videos of all time. For whatever reason, the YouTube author has disabled embedding - which is is about the most annoying thing ever. Why?? Stupid.

Anyway... I love this video to death. I never noticed the guy in the latex zipper mask before though. [Maybe that didn't make it through the MTV/Christian Coalition filter?] Either way, Matt Johnson looks freaking awesome in cowboy boots combat boots and a cowboy hat 900 feet above Manhattan!

If Johnson is the fabulous queen I think(?) he is, he could have talked guitarist Eric Schermerhorn into playing a stylish black on black Fender Jag instead that obnoxious red Flying V. How gauche.

Also, I had speculated before that parts of this video were shot on a sound stage. Watching it again and considering the miniscule budget allotted to a band like The The, I'm pretty sure Matt was out there in NYC skyscraper winds - which makes it that much more awesome.

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John M. said...

Great tune. Love The The.

Try this one: