Friday, October 31, 2008

Wish we were in Mexico City.

Sometimes I can be kinda slow. We knew ADULT. was playing a Halloween show in Mexico City tonight, and yesterday our friend Bryan informed me that Douglas McCarthy [you know... Nitzer Ebb...] was DJ'ing there tonight as well. I thought, "Wow, it sure would be cool to be in Mexico City for Halloween!" Seriously, who does Halloween better than Mexico?

It occurred to me only moments ago to check airfares - which are absurdly cheap! Trouble is that the last flight leaves... right... about... now. [Damn!]

We'll be in Ferndale, MI tonight [apparently the depraved Marxist hub of the Midwest] kicking ourselves and handing out candy to grubby little goblins with the following on repeat:

Fixmer/McCarthy - Join in the Chant [live, 2007]

ADULT. - Inside [2008]

Next year: we'll be in Mexico for Halloween.
[Heck, we might be there a lot sooner if the theological oligarchy Palin Mandate wins Tuesday.]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, as if. You're not leaving your sleepy little suburban community even if we start five more wars and gas goes up to $9/gallon.

Furthermore, it looks as if your beloved Marxist is going to win anyway (dragging along with him the man who is singly responsible for the death of the American rave scene, btw), so you've nothing to worry about.

I know you're white and you used to live in Brooklyn, but isn't the whole "fleeing the country if the GOP wins" thing just a tiny bit 2004? Or are you intentionally spoofing

For the record, I hate both of them, and refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils, because I really don't think there is one - the dems really are just as bad. Doing the whole "omg the right is so evil" thing really just makes you seem naïve and uninformed.

Sincerely, a two-time George W Bush voter, and your good friend,