Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What happened?

I dearly miss William F. Buckley debating Noam Chomsky. THAT is what American politics should be like. I loved both those fucking guys to death. You didn't have to agree with either of them, but it was always a valid intellectual argument.

How did undereducated religious extremists like Palin ever get a voice in politics, let alone a potential VP position? Something is seriously fucked up about this country.


John M. said...

I especially liked it when Buckley threatened to smash Chomsky's face.

I wonder if that was before or after one of Buckley's off-shore spliff-puffing expeditions?

I think we can thank Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh for the current scenario. The '94 Republican takeover of congress and the ensuing freakshow was straight out of an R. Crumb comic.

Many mark that as the time when civility and respect was finally and completely discarded from American political discourse.

We've always had the Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond types in the political system; many even worse. It's the concept of decorum that has been lost.

Sarah Palin is where she is because a desperate campaign did what it could to give itself a shot in hell. A Biden-esque female VP wouldn't cut soggy shit. She had to be over-the-top controversial. You have to admit that it did shake things up and tightened the race for about 15 minutes. Then she opened her mouth.

toybreaker said...

Ok, I HAVE TO make my Palin rant. I'll get a few cocktails in later tonight maybe and bring it.

stormy said...

My friend Amy does a very funny Palin impression.

I posted a comparison to one of the Chomsky/Buckley debates a while ago. I also posted a debate between Papa Bear and Ron Paul for comparison. People on the particular bbs in question didn't get the point I was trying to make.

Buckley, hate him... or uh.. dislike him, he at least had a bit more class on his show then these new pricks. (see Glen Beck) There was some classical music in the intro, and two people sitting in front of a black background. I liked Buckley's approach. You don't have to agree, or even like someone in order to have at least a bit of respect for the person. A dickhead you can love to hate is much better then someone who is just a stinking wanker constantly spewing sensationalistic ignorant shit.

Sarah Palin is the new Ronald Reagen. People stare at her like Alex in Clockwork Orange with his eyes pinned open at real horror show mind conditioning. They are enamored or hypnotized by her persona, and don't seem to hear the crazy right wing neo-con blather that is on the audio.