Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A.B.C. recap

All I can really say about last Friday's Absolute Body Control show is that it met and exceeded my very high expectations. And that Dirk Ivens really is about as commanding and charismatic as Peter Murphy or David Bowie on stage. It's a shame it took A.B.C. 28 years to play the United States. Hopefully more dates are in the future. (Now I'm on a mission see The Neon Judgement and Crash Course In Science live... wherever and whenever that may be.)

Here are some photos of A.B.C. at the Music Hall of Williamsburg by Toybreaker, and a video clip by unARTigNYC (in which you can hear me screaming... a lot):

Absolute Body Control - Give Me Your Hands + Into the Light [live in NYC, 2008]

(Man, THAT is is what electronic music is all about! The anti-funk pulse-driven dark-ass-bats only machines can make. I can not wait for The Singularity.)

Also, some douchebag stole Matthew Dear's external hard drive during his DJ set at the defacto after-party at Bunker next door. VERY not cool.

p.s.: we'd love to get some reports from Absolute Body Control's show in Los Angeles at M/R/X on Saturday.

Oh, and here's a picture of Atomly and a Nutter Butter at the after-after-party Saturday Morning.

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