Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ghostly in Concentrate

Concentrate, an Ann Arbor focused business and culture webzine, ran an excellent feature on Ghostly International this week.

"Electronic music is so vast," said Matthew Dear, a cornerstone of the Ghostly label. "It's this giant kind of subculture that's spread its tentacles all throughout the world and grabbed root in every form of music. As far as where Ghostly fits into that, we've always wanted to make great artistic music. I guess it's music with more of a creative message than a political message."

"Art culture is about the new, and the new is never stagnant," Valenti says. He points to the French impressionists, subversive old-timers like Monet and Renior. They were part of a "crew of guys, all trained painters, who were choosing to blur the lines of reality."

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