Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kahn/Esherick House

Eames Demetrios recently visited the Esherick House designed by Louis I. Kahn and took some wonderful photos.

The house is innovatively to be sold at auction, more as a work of art than as real estate.

Additional info on the house and the auction at Dezeen.

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Anonymous said...

The Esherick House was actually built for the Kahn firm by architect Galen Schlosser, who was the supervising architect on the Kimbell Art Museum and the Salk Institute.

Phila. has 3 other treasures built by GALEN SCHLOSSER located on Gypsy Lane in the East Falls section of Philadelpia which are well kept secrets until recently. They are totally awesome and were built starting in 1957 - they definitely show some of the design elements later used in the ESHERICK house.