Thursday, April 17, 2008

Grand Theft Lagerfeld

Grand Theft Karl
DJ Karl (left) and the real Herr Lagerfeld (right)

Kaiser Karl makes his video game debut as [um...] DJ Karl in Grand Theft Auto IV. Lagerfeld's digital alter ego won't be capping any virtual gangsters... this time out. He has expressed interest in playing a villain in future releases. He will however be playing music on one of the game's radio stations.

From The Independent: It is the latest move in a career that has seen the designer repeatedly break out of the traditional world of fashion and create waves off the catwalk. And it again shows that, despite being a veteran of the style scene, he is at the cusp of new technology and trends.

Lagerfeld has peppered his selection with his infamous rapid-fire commentary, telling gamers he is "keeping things moving with the music that liberated all of us, taught us we were all the same, showed us that computers were our friends".
[Oh, Jeebus... I think my eyes just rolled right out of my head. Let's just pretend he didn't say that and move on.]

A shock move from the man who keeps the ladies who lunch in chic suits, genteel pumps and quilted handbags? Or merely the latest volley from someone who hungers for novelty the way mere mortals might hunger for their supper?

Appearing in a video game is just one of many projects for the 74 year old fashion icon who famously shed over 90 pounds, so that he could wear slim fitting Dior Homme suits [arguably becoming the best dressed man on the planet.] Herr Lagerfeld has recently been cast as a lead figurine, is to be immortalized as a teddy bear, photographed subjects from a gothed-up Claudia Schiffer to the Audi R8... all while finding time to be Artistic Director for Chanel and design numerous other lines.

Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion
Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion by Zaha Hadid

Lagerfeld has recently worked with Zaha Hadid to create the Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion. The mobile gallery, inspired by Chanel’s signature quilted bag, made its debut in Hong Kong last month. More info on the pavilion and exhibition at the quite excellent official Mobile Art site.

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