Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The World As Flatland | Information Design Studio

The World As Flatland is the online home of Information Design Studio.


We design complexity

The Information Design Studio is specialized in the development and design of complex information systems. Due to the fact that these systems are comprised of a multitude of different applications (printed matters, three-dimensional and digital applications), the project work proves to be very interdisciplinary.

Our objective is to derive additional knowledge by organising, combining, condensing and visualising complex data. Our work does not depend on certain media and involves a multi- and interdisciplinary approach to communication, combining skills from graphic design, web design, 3D design, psychology, cognitive science, information theory and cultural studies.

Experimental Research

We find it very important to further develop Information Design in free, experimental projects. Our definition of Information Design is based on an interdisciplinary attitude and an openness towards all creative disciplines, especially art, architecture and digital media.

Maybe I'm weird, but reading stuff like this gets me all hot and bothered - in the good way.

[Actually, this sounds a lot like o2 - sans the singing gnomes of course.]

Go check out all of Information Design Studio's smart and beautiful work. The United Nations
Year of Languages
project is rather excellent.

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Patrick said...

Funny how the most visitors on the site come from Sunnyvale, CA. Google spiders hard at work.