Thursday, April 17, 2008

Augmented Oxygen for the Home...

Here's a couple shots of Mathieu Lehanneur's O Oxygen Generator series, currently on display at the NYMOMA's "Design and the Elastic Mind" exhibit. It's a really comprehensive show, lots of other great work and it's only on display til may 12th, so If you're in NYC go see it now!

"A veritable domestic breathing machine, O generates pure oxygen in the home. Using an oximeter sensor, O constantly monitors the oxygen level in the air, and when it detects that this level is insufficient, it instantly activates the microorganisms it contains, Spirulina Platensis - a living organism with the highest yield in terms of oxygen production - and a light that favors spirulin photosynthesis."

He also seems to be working on a new concept, this is scheduled to view at Artists Space in NY as well:

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BitBoy said...

Don't forget to check out the Sony ODO project, also featured in Design and the Elastic Mind. I worked on the Crank 'n Capture kinetic camera pictured here.