Tuesday, December 06, 2005

And now on to Old Buildings Falling down...

Yesterday the folks I met from couchsurfing.com had just come from exploring the Studebaker Plant in South Bend, Indiana. They came with some incredible shots - although the architecture looked stunningly similar to Detroit's Packard Plant, what made it appear so strikingly different from the Packard (or any Detroit building for that matter) was how intact the contents of the building were. Little or nothing was scrapped. The dies for car doors were still scattered about. What looked like fields of hundreds (thousands?) of car engines were still intact, in neat rows, fan blades eerily pointing the same direction. Paper ephemera still in boxes, everywhere. Algebraic figures on whiteboards still proclaming their pale red and green calculations.

I had been through Fisher Body 21 last Spring with the rest of the Team Burnlab Alice in Wonderland Absurdists, so this was my second trip to the building. We found the appopriate entrances and stairwells pretty quickly, once somewhat stealthily passing one of the building's winter residents who had quite the little campfire set up. We decided it best to head right up to the uppermost floors to escape the smoke of unknown composition that was lingering around the first and second floors.

fourth floor

sixth floor

Many more and far too long of a post about it here.

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