Thursday, December 22, 2005

Quick PSA here:

We will not be doing an official Best of '05 feature on Burnlab this year, but I DO welcome all Burnlab contributors to post your reflections on the past year as you see fit in the regular blog format.

Quite simply, I don't have the time to maintain any Burnlab features beyond the Lab Report, and as many of you know, my trusty TiBook suffered a fatal "head crash" just as I was assembling the Best of '04 feature earlier this year, and lost everyone's lists as a result. My sincerest apologies to Chad Clark, Lynnel Herrera, and everyone who put a lot of time and thought into that project. Computers are fragile, and I'm incredibly bad about backing thing up on a regular basis.

One day soon I will indeed update the site to modern blog standards, with RSS and all that stuff people keep asking about. (I still don't know what the hell RSS is or why I should care, but people keep asking... so it's something I should learn about apparently. This site started in 2000, and my web authoring skills are frozen in that time.) In the mean time, the Lab Report remains the lifeblood of this site, and the number one resource for the intersection of art, design, music and culture for way more pepole than I know, and I thank our loyal readers for making this effort all worthwhile. Most importantly, I promise everyone can rely on that service for a good long time from this site. We're not going away anytime soon.

If you're feeling nostalgic, here is the Best of '03 review, which was a very good year in a lot of respects. Personally, '05 kicked '03s ass, but that has everything to do with me finding happiness both personally and professionally, which has everything to do with not having time for anything else. Being in a position where there is zero compromise and nothing but creative and spirtual satisfaction in personal and professional matters is a wondrous, wondrous thing. On that note, I nominate 2005 as the best year ever... so far. We (meaning you, our beloved readers, and us, the beloved editorial staff) have many years ahead to take grand adventures with, question everything, and make the world a much more interesting place. (have I mentined I'm giddy as hell that my first music project, this thing called Dorkwave, is working with Elliott freaking Earls next month?!?!)

'06 is already shaping up to steal the Best Year Evah award.

Happy holidays

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