Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Finally a spare moment from deadline heck to report in...

Last Thursday's Loose Tooth offered some extra special Detroit flavor with guest DJs Trent with cease and desist t-shirt barons Randy & Moss.

Get yo asses online and buy a Trent t-shirt from these two. Madatory attire for the next Dorkwave party.

Good pics and wrap-up by the Pink Man himself at the bottom of this link.

Discovered Scottdale, AZ this weekend with it's awesome Shake party, strip clubs and dirt cheap motel suites. Felt extra dorkwave spinning on a beer damaged Gemini turntable with a motor so weak you had to get the platter spinning manually, THEN engage the motor. Still, great party - even if some girl with bangs called me "gay" for playing Janet Jackson. Oh, and Dokken didn't show up, wussies.

Plenty of action this week in LA, perfect for entertaining sir Michael de Dethlab. Loose Tooth offers the URB Holiday Party with guest Princess Superstar and James F!@$%^ Friedman whose Go Commando CD is one of the better mixes you'll score this Xmas.

And all week, Paper Project LA offers hipster aerobics to go along with those art geek cocktail parties and panels.

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