Monday, December 05, 2005

Back before everyone's techno was a series of loops of minimal bloops, there was a small label by the name of Applied Rhythmic Technology (or ART) that quietly released one classic single after another, and helped to reshape the perception of techno as we know it. Spearheaded by Kirk Degiorgio (aka As One, Elegy, etc.) the label would cease production in the mid to late nineties. Many of these records go for a pretty penny on the market today.

Fast forwarding a bit, DeGiorgio and co-conspirator Alex Bond have issued the The Electric Institute; a compilation of both old from the label's original artists and new tracks from artists heavily influenced by them. Easily one of the best electronic music compilations of the year. And to boot, the dude from Coldplay jams with Degiorgio on a few tracks.

Samples can be found here.

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