Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Speaking of Cranbrook (referencing three posts down,) Dorkwave will be performing at the Music Hall in Detroit on Saturday, January 28th, following 2D design artist in residence Elliott Earls' performance of Bull and Wonded Horse, a new multimedia piece Mr. Earls has been develolping over the past year. This will be a preview of Elliott's Capacitor Festival: An Intersection of Art, Music and Technology, to take place in September.

Robotic Drums and Guitar, Interactive digital video, and electronics comingle in a melange of pop songs, spoken word poetry and acoustic music. Elliott will be performing with his new acoustic ensemble "The Venemous Sons of Jonah," creating a strange brew of robotic and completely organic music.

Produced in Association with Cranbrook Academy of Art, the 2006 Capacitor Festival is an evening of performance and installation that focuses on the intersection of visual art, technology and music. Featuring performers and artists at the vanguard of this intersection, the evening explores what happens when the visual arts collide with music.

I'm totally thrilled to be involved in this event for a lot of reasons: one of my most formative experiences as a child was seeing Mummenschanz at the Music Hall, many years later I exchanged correspondence with Elliott when I first moved to NYC, as a fan of his work in Emigre when he still lived in Connecticut and was performing at HERE, a wonderful DIY gallery/performance space in New York, and even later discovered he was neighbors with my lovely partner, who was also brought from CT to Michigan by Cranbrook. An of course, Burnlab has been all about this sort of media collison since it's inception. It's pretty darn cool when everything comes together just so, and the opportunity to do work with people one has the greatest of respect for works out just right.

More details on the the Capacitor Festival soon.

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