Thursday, December 01, 2005

Just how slow are trend-spotters? This week The Zandi Group released their list of top consumer trends for 2006. Topping the list? Taxidermy. (Duh.) Some rather baffling new trends included mid-century modern design, artisan cheeses and indie movies. I'd say something like "thanks for ruining a few of my favorite things," but I just can't picture your average WAL MART shopper munching on $20/lb. cheese in a Jacobsen Egg chair, while watching Peter Greenaway films.

Oh, just wait though. There is a will and a way to dumb down and bastardize everything. I'm sure Michael Graves is already hard at work on some powder blue plastic deer head air fresheners.

To be honest though, I would probably buy that... but definitely not the Quarter Pounder with Manchego and McFrites and Super-Sized Syrah.


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