Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I think I might have just died and found my personal music geek heaven. Minimal Wave is a website and label dedicated to documenting the history of minimal synth, new wave, cold wave, minimal electronik, post punk, proto-industrial and synthpunk music. [Not to be confused with minimal techno] Minimal Wave is a resource and community for both fans of and those curious about bands such as Absolute Body Control, Fiction Technology, Snowy Red, The Neon judgment, Crash Course in Science and the like.

The Minimal Wave record label recently put out their first release, a four track EP of early work by Oppenheimer Analysis, and will soon be offering hand printed t-shirts from contemporary synth heroes 2VM: our old friends Veronica Vasicka and Marc Houle.

+ check ouy the awesome video clips of Liaisons Dangereuese and Snowy Red.

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