Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chris Cunningham Set To Produce New Horrors Album


Chris Cunningham Set To Produce New Horrors Album
After years of freaking people out with his video work, director Chris Cunningham is trying his hand at producing — not cinematically, but musically. The English filmmaker, best known for his music video work with Aphex Twin, Björk and Portishead, will be producing the second album by UK band the Horrors.

Cunningham has previously worked with the gothier-than-thou act when directing the video for their “Sheena Is a Parasite.” And according to the band’s front-man Faris Rotter, they aren’t too worried about his lack of experience in the musical production realm.

“The ideas that he has are really cinematic and there aren't really that many contemporary producers who have that kind of vision of their own and put that kind of stamp on something and I think he could be one of those."

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