Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spitzer / My Dream Cabinet

It would be a huge injustice to New York if Eliot Spitzer stepped down. As Manhattan DA and New York State Attorney General he took on organized crime and Wall Street corruption and won. Nobody has or could clean up New York like Spitzer. People hate him for it, but who? The mob and sleazy brokers. And Republicans. That's about it. He's like the 21st century Eliot Ness. It's really shitty what he did to his wife and his family. I don't mean to make light of that at all. Soliciting "escorts" is certainly a crime and a lousy way to conduct one's self, but I would be so bummed out if such a great politician were forced out of office over this. It's suspicious that the Feds were investigating his money transactions, and stumbled across the escort ring in the process. [Which is exactly what happened.] Why was the federal government so in his business to start with? His personal failings are serious, but the good he's done - and can yet do in public office - must be considerd.

With that, here's my dream President Obama cabinet:

[I have no idea who'd be the best vice president, but any of the below would be a great choice.]
Secretary of State: Richard Holbrooke
Secretary of Defense: Wesley Clark
Attorney General: Eliot Spitzer
Secretary of the Treasury: Ron Paul
Secretary of the Interior: Dennis Kucinich


Anonymous said...

On the subject of a potential Obama administration (or Clinton II's), there is an interesting project in pure democracy just getting started on the web: automated and continuously updated 'approval style' voting on VP, cabinet, and major posts. Approval style voting means you can vote for as many of the choices as you approve. The site will remain open indefinitely for follow up research:
Phil Jamison (privacy alias)

Chris Grayson - GigantiCo said...

Spitzer's take-down has all the trappings of an obvious political hit job, but he's a huge hypocrite. As attorney General, he sent other people to prison for their involvement in running prostitution rings, and yet it appears that his relationship with this "escort" service may have been so long-standing (they're saying up to 10 years) that he possibly may have been involved with them while prosecuting the two others he shut down. I don't dispute that he was an effective New York DA, but he's proved to be a pretty lousy Governor. I won't miss him.

As for Obama, I like him a lot. I'd hate to see him fail, but I'd hate even more to see him win the election and fail as a President. I love to hear him speak. He is a gifted communicator, which should not be underestimated, but I have other concerns, not unique to him, but concerns that I share with both Hillary and McCain, as well. Here are my thoughts on the election, and on Obama's possible VP options:

GigantiCo - 2008 Presidential Election

I would welcome your input there too.


PS. I was a big Wesley Clark supporter in 2004. I bet he's a shoe in for Secretary of Defense, if either Democrat wins the White House.