Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I knew this was inevitable, and it probably won't have any sway on your opionion (nor should it!) but I'm officially getting on the Obama bus as of today.

He doesn't represent nearly as much of a paradigm shift as I'd like, but his lack of beltway experience [a.k.a. cynicism and special interest connections] is refreshing. Most importantly, I trust that he'll do what he believes, rather than what he thinks will get him ahead. The most important thing in this whole election - in my opinion - is that we can prove we're capable of becoming good world citizens, and become the shining example of liberty and compassion people around the world used to look up to.

Neither Hillary or McCain can do that. I have a soft spot the maverick McCain of 2000, but he's too compromised now.

If Hilllary gets nominated through some contorted super-delegate scenario, I'm voting for Ron Paul or writing in Dennis Kucinch. I don't care if that means the White House goes to the Republicans. I'll just move to Europe. I refuse to vote for business as usual.

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