Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rare Plus8 and Probe Records Back in Stock

(This is either breaking news or my fault for not checking the site since January.)

Minus has apparently uncovered a stash of classic Plus8 and Probe records and CDs.

These are long out of print original pressings of the music that first got myself and countless other combat boot wearing squids into techno in the first place. Projects like Cybersonik and Circuit Breaker came along just at the right time - when industrial bands were borrowing more and more from mainstream hard rock and leaving us all feeling a bit confused and betrayed. Plus8, and especially Probe, were just the right cocktail of cold, hard, synthetic dystopia.

I've complained plenty here about feeling betrayed by some of the directions techno has taken in recent years. It's really interesting to listen to tracks like Circuit Breaker's Jackhammer and Cusp's Mars The Red Planet again. Acts like MOTOR and Terence Fixmer have given techno it's steel balls back, but Plus8 and Probe [and Underground Resistance] grew them in the first place.

Click through the music section on the Minus site. The prices aren't bad, given the rarity and significance these records. If nothing else, take a walk through the early '90s by listening to the samples.

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