Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Night Videos

(My late high school and college years weren't all about Industrial and Robert Smith... just mostly.)

Kitchens of Distinction - Drive That Fast [1991]
Seeing KOD at Industry in Pontiac is still one of my most memorable concert experiences. I couldn't believe that wall of sound was coming from just one guitar. A lesson in the magic of distortion pedals.

Lightning Seeds - Pure [1989]
Still brilliant after all these years.

Kate Bush - Hounds of Love [1985]
This cassette was the official soundtrack to my first drive to NYC in 1990.

Lightning Seeds - All I Want [1989]
Still brilliant. (The back-up vocals toward the end are not in the album version, thankfully.)

Jesus Jones - The Devil You Know [1993]
Make fun all you want. Jesus Jones was the awesome.

XTC - Dear God [1986]
If I were president, the first thing I'd do is make this the national anthem. And then bomb the south. (I'm kidding... maybe.)

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