Monday, March 10, 2008


I had a post written about the Creepabilly band Gravemist, but all of their official sites have gone dead, including their YouTube channel and MySpace page. Odd, as they were mentioned on the science fiction blog io9 just last week. Hopefully they're just retooling, and haven't gone back to the cemetery. You can still hear some of their wonderful take on American Gothic at


Sir Rastus said...

You've got to wonder what's going on with Gravemist. I, too, only hope that they're on hiatus. But an advertisement for an upcoming Natassja Noctis solo gig suggests otherwise -- with she being listed as "ex-Gravemist." ( )

As we know, Gravemist is / was based in Chicago and the audience most likely to embrace them would be Chi-town's Goth audience. According to an interview I read with Jason Demise ( ), the movers and the shakers in the Chicago Goth scene actively opposed Gravemist's success. Unfortunately for Gravemist, Chicago's Goth scene is one of America's largest, best organized, and the scene most likely to be able to block a new or little-known band.

It must suck not to have support on one's own home soil. Whenever Gravemist mentioned the business side of things in their on-line posts, I always got the impression that they were a bit defensive -- keeping things closer to the vest than other bands might do.

Considering how they've been treated, by both "the scene" and shady people in the music industry, being defensive is justified. However, it might make one hesitant to take the business risks that would yield greater success. And once a wall's been hit on the business side of a music project, it might be prudent to seek more lucrative avenues elsewhere . . . despite the innovation and success one achieves on the artistic side of things.

Of course, this is all speculation. Gravemist's web sites have gone dormant before only to reappear a couple months later. Who knows ? Maybe the Gravemist chrysalis will produce a black butterfly once again. . . . I sure hope so. If not, I'll treasure my copy of "Tribulations" and guard it jealously.

JM Demise said...

So Kind. :)

Please try and follow the GM saga through

Thanks for your support and good taste!