Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Exclusive new Goudron and Ministry

You had all but given up on MySpace. It's not as painfully boring as Facebook, but nothing relevant ever really happens on MySpace anymore, right? We have been proven wrong not once but twice today, with truly bizarre new tracks from legends of Detroit Electro and Chicago Industrial:

Ron Zakrin a.k.a. Goudron has just uploaded (like just a few minutes ago) a new track titled Dungeons and Dragons, as a tribute to D&D creator Gary Gygax who recently passed away.

Ministry has posted a new theme song for the Chicago Blackhawks. (If you didn't know, the Chicago Blackhwaks are an NHL hockey team. Don't feel bad - I had to look that up too.)


For some reason I think it's appropriate to post this - from our very disturbed friend John Starlight:

(It's so ironic this became a football anthem.)

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