Thursday, January 10, 2008

808 NYC Bus Tour: Genius!

Burnlab's good friend Mr. Fred Giannelli will be "manning the decks" - as they say - on a charter bus headed from Boston to Brooklyn, with NYC's best techno party in its sights: Bunker. This will all be taking place on Friday, Jaunuary 18th.

From the Boston Phoenix:
According to promoter/techno travel agent Odabachian, the advantages of the 808 package go beyond removing some of the hassle of getting to and from Brooklyn. The trip is an extension of the party — and, he argues, a full bus all but ensures a good show. “There’s safety in numbers. People are guaranteed a rager considering they and their closest friends will pack the bus and the Bunker.”

The show itself, however, is the main draw: veteran Boston producer Fred Giannelli of Psychic TV and Plus8 fame, plus Smartypants and Eric Gray, both up-and-coming artists who’ve recently relocated from Boston to New York. The line-up is inspired by the first Zero G release of 2008, Stuff, a cracking 12-inch compilation with tracks by Giannelli (as the Kooky Scientologist), Smartypants, and Odabachian himself.

“The bus ride should be a good laugh,” Giannelli says via e-mail. And he should know, given his extensive experience touring with Genesis P-Orridge and Psychic TV. “It will be a far cry from the crazy bus tours I did of the US, UK, and Europe with Psychic TV between ’88 and ’90. Those bus rides lasted three and a half months! I do have amazing photos of those journeys, which I will get around to releasing one of these days.”

I once tried to convince John Tenney - then owner of Neo Tokyo - to buy a vintage Greyound at a City of Detroit garage sale, and take the Japanese-dystopia-themed coffee shop on the road. "All aboard! Who knows where we're going, but you'll be plenty wired when we get there..." That notion was inspired by an old Letterman schtick in which Dave would send random members of the audience off on a bus to exotic locations... like Florida.

I'm really glad someone in our circle of influence has finally taken this idea to its literal end.

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We expect our friend Ari, a.k.a. DJ Volvox to be on that bus and provide a full report!

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Tenney said...

Mobile Tokyo... I still love the idea...once again 12 years ahead of our time.